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Gin Martini Highball Scented Candle

  • $22.94


Love the aroma of a Gin Martini? Our Highball Glass Candle featuring its scent, part of our Cocktail Lounge Collection, doesn't even require any drinking. Its white glass exterior is as smooth as the drink itself, and the candle inside gives off its familiar gin and bitters scent. The Gin Martini scent is a nose-pleaser. It blends notes of gin, French vermouth, orange bitters, and olives, and is enhanced with a lemon twist. To enhance this candle's value as a dcor element, it has a cork lid to use when it's not lit. Cheers! 
Lead and tin free cotton wick. 
Burn time: 33 hours.


2.4" x 2.4" x 5.7''

color: #414141

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